Metallica Legend Threatens Drunk Fan In Video


In a recent Megadeth show in Stockholm, Sweden, fan-filmed footage capturing frontman Dave Mustaine’s no-nonsense confrontation with a couple of disruptive fans has taken the internet by storm, as reported by Loudwire. The clip shows Mustaine addressing the crowd, making it clear that he won’t tolerate any unruly behavior.

Pointing directly at the culprits and giving them a not-so-subtle middle finger, Mustaine asserts, “You say you could play as good as me? F*cking I’d like to see… Shut up. Just shut up, you’ve had your 15 seconds.” It’s evident that the legendary musician has no time for disruptions that interfere with the performance and the overall experience of the audience.

Mustaine doesn’t mince his words, demanding silence from the fans and issuing a stern warning, “If I have to say it one more time, I’m gonna ask security to take your f*cking drunken ass out of here, do you hear me? See, that’s what happens when cousins f*ck.”

As reported by Ultimate Guitar – While the footage doesn’t fully reveal what triggered the confrontation, an eyewitness commented on the video, shedding some light on the situation. The disruptive fans were allegedly loud and obnoxious, interrupting Mustaine during one of his speeches, expressing a desire to go up and play with him. Moreover, their mosh-pitting antics, though not inherently wrong, seemed to add to the disturbance. One fan even reportedly engaged in a heated face-to-face exchange with a girl nearby, causing tension in the crowd.

Mustaine’s response comes in the midst of a broader discussion on the trend of artists being targeted with thrown objects from the audience. Reflecting on this issue, Mustaine shares his thoughts, stating, “If people don’t like you, they’re gonna throw shit. Maybe it’s graduated from rotten tomatoes to dildos; I don’t know. But if you’re giving them a great show, they’re not gonna do that — they’re not gonna do that.”

The veteran musician urges fellow artists not to adopt a spoiled attitude on stage and reprimand the audience for such behavior. He humorously adds, “I don’t have to worry about it. Plus my eyesight is that bad, I probably won’t see anything flying through the air until it’s too late.”

Mustaine’s firm stance and no-nonsense approach to maintaining the concert’s integrity and the enjoyment of all fans demonstrate his commitment to delivering unforgettable performances. As artists continue to engage with their audiences, it’s essential to strike a balance between respect and enjoyment to ensure that the magic of live music remains undiminished.