Wolfgang Van Halen Reveals Truth About Foo Fighters Drummer


Wolfgang Van Halen spilled the beans on his heart-pounding experience during the epic Taylor Hawkins tribute show in 2022. This rocker’s nerves were on fire as he took the stage, performing not one but two legendary Van Halen songs!

“I was just suicidal with nerves,” Wolfgang confessed, revealing the immense pressure he felt. But wait, it gets better! The icing on the cake was meeting none other than John Paul Jones himself! The rock legend shook Wolfgang’s hand and uttered those magical words, “Good job.” Can you imagine the rush of adrenaline coursing through his veins?

But hold on tight, folks, because Wolfgang had more to share. He couldn’t resist gushing over Josh Freese’s mind-blowing performance and passionately supported him as the new drummer for the Foo Fighters. And trust us, the support is well-deserved! “He’s perfect,” Wolfgang asserted, defending Freese against any naysayers. “You do like him; you just don’t know it,” he quipped. Josh Freese has played on everything, and now he’s rocking out with the Foo Fighters!

But wait, there’s more! As reported by Rock Celebrities – The music extravaganza didn’t stop there. Wolfgang couldn’t believe his luck as he got up close and personal with none other than the legendary Paul McCartney. The Beatle himself! Talk about a surreal experience – witnessing a musical icon in action just a couple of feet away!

The Foo Fighters couldn’t hold back their excitement either, announcing Josh Freese as their new drummer during a live stream promoting their album, ‘But Here We Are.’ The choice was unanimous – a brilliant appointment, says The Darkness’ Justin Hawkins, echoing Wolfgang’s sentiment.

Josh Freese’s talents have taken him to new heights, starting with his explosive first show with Foo Fighters in New Hampshire. And guess what? He’s going strong, touring the US with Fighters until January 2024! This should be an awesome ride to come.