Metallica Member Reacts To Going Bald


Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich discussed losing his hair in a new funny Instagram post.

He posted a scuba diving selfie and wrote, “Mega Danish forehead still shines bright at 50 feet under water…”

Lars said in 2013 he doesn’t care if people film his thinning hair, when discussing the documentary Some Kind of Monster: “There was always this open door kind of thing. So, if the door’s open, its wide open so come in and be part of it, warts and all.

Film away and we have nothing to hide, the receding hairlines and everything else, it’s all part and parcel of the package, It’s the way we do things around here and we’re proud of that. It’s not like, this is what we do when we are Metallica, and this is what we do when we’re not Metallica. There’s not multiple personalities, or multiple worlds or whatever.”

Metallica have been forced to stop touring due to the pandemic.