Van Halen Member Reveals How Much Money He Has


Former Van Halen members Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony discussed how much money they have in a new interview with Howard Stern. recapped: Howard asked Sammy if he still has the tequila company. Sammy said he does. Howard said at the end of the album they go back to ”Hey, Hey.” He said he likes that they brought that back. Sammy said this is his favorite song on the album. He said the guy was enlightened and he realizes that money isn’t the root of all evil. Howard played the song and said they did a good job with this. Howard said he should have been in this band. He said he has to start practicing.

Howard asked if Sammy is a billionaire. Sammy said he isn’t but he has plenty of money. He said that maybe he has 250. He said that it’s distracting if you keep track of that. He said you get a big ol’ check for 50 million you don’t feel it. He said you get some gold and silver coins then you feel like you have something. He said there’s something about the paper money. Howard said Michael is looking at him like fuck this guy. Howard asked if Michael is worth something like that. Michael said he is up there somewhere.

Howard asked what this drum is he’s using. Sammy said it’s a Red Rocker Roland set. Howard said it looks like an iPad. Howard asked what he can get out of that thing. Howard asked if he records David Lee Roth’s voice in that thing to piss Sammy off. Jason said he would never do that. Howard asked if Sammy hates David. Sammy said he really doesn’t. He said he actually likes the guy and the guy doesn’t like him. He said he’s very entertaining to him.

Howard said when he hears this new album he still thinks if he was Eddie Van Halen he’d think that they sound good and the songs are so good that they could have been Van Halen songs. Sammy said yeah. Howard said Eddie is fucking crazy. Sammy said he hasn’t spoken to those guys since 2004.

Howard said he doesn’t get what went on there. He asked if anyone gets it. Michael said no. He said they were asking Dave to do something with them but he didn’t answer his door. Sammy said it’s not about being better. He said if Dave wanted to steal the show he could have. He said that he could have sang and Dave could have danced for all he cared.

Howard said it was a big deal for Sammy to replace David. He said that the odds of it working were a billion to one. Michael said they wanted them to change the name of the band when Dave left. He said that’s how big it was.