Tool Triple Album In 2022 Revealed To Fans


Tool, who won a Grammy award for their fifth studio album entitled, “Fear Inoculum” will be re-issuing the album on 180-gram vinyl and as a 3-disk set. Originally, the album was released on August 30, 2019, and gathered acclaim from critics. This new set will feature brand new artwork from bandmate Adam Jones as well as come with an exclusive poster. The album will, in addition, be part of a triple gatefold jacket. This release by Tool, who recently had to apologize to their fans for this surprising reason, is available for preorder now. The album is due out on August 5th.

Fear Inoculum would top the US Billboard 200 chart, their third in a row to sell over 270,000 album-equivalent units. The album topped five other national album charts in its opening week as well. Two songs off the album received Grammy nominations, the first single “Fear Inoculum”, for the Grammy Award for Best Rock Song, and “7empest”, for the Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance, with the latter winning the award. The title track also holds the Guinness World Record for the longest song ever to chart on the Billboard Hot 100.

About Fear Incolcum, fans seem to have very strong opinions on the most recent Tool album. On one prominent e-commerce site, one fan would review the album by stating the following: “Having heard my first song from Tool in 1994 they are the only band I can think of whose sound has aged like wine. It’s never been trendy, it’s always been what they wanted to produce and always evolved album to album. This is no exception. They posted the album for free. I don’t think they need the money but I paid for it anyways. Each track is a carefully constructed piece of musical art. I’ve thought of many bars set by artists from the 1960s to now and feel like this album and their body of work has set it.”