Metallica Show Leads To Arrest After Sad Incident


After a recent Metallica show in Wichita, reports that former commissioner and city councilman James Skelton was arrested in Sedgwick County, Kansas for assault on a law enforcement officer. Skelton has said that he was ‘wrongly arrested’ and had been separated from his family after the show, and that he also had no working phone, money, or jacket.

Someone at a local convenience store contacted two on-duty Wichita police officers working at a nearby traffic crash to complain about “an apparent intoxicated person” — later identified as Skelton — who was inside the store “yelling at the clerk, swearing and demanding a ride home.”

“It was very confusing, ’cause I couldn’t believe they wouldn’t even call me a ride or an Uber,” Skelton told “I explained my situation. I had no coat on; I was already freezing.”

After one of the officers went into the store to talk to Skelton, “Skelton was belligerent with the officer as well,” Officer Charley Davidson said. “The officer offered multiple times to provide assistance in calling a cab for Skelton, who was wanting a ride home. Skelton refused and demanded a ride from the officer. Skelton became visibly angry during the interaction, approached the officer and the officer had to push Skelton away from him.”