Michael Anthony Confirms David Lee Roth Reunion Plans


Michael Anthony revealed on The Jeremy White Podcast that he had planned to perform live with former Van Halen bandmate David Lee Roth in Las Vegas in 2020.

“When he did his residency stuff in Las Vegas out here — ’cause it turned out I couldn’t it anyway; I think we had something going on with The Circle — but I was actually going to show up and see about going up on stage and jamming with Dave. ‘Cause I’ve got no beef with any of the guys about any of that stuff.

At this point in the career and my life, it’s, like, hey, I’ll play it all. I’m sure if it came up, if it was the right situation, let it happen.”

Anthony and Roth last performed live together in 1984, though they did record and appear at the MTV VMA’s together in 1996. There was tension backstage between Anthony and Roth in 2002 during the David Lee Roth/Sammy Hagar co-headlining tour.

Anthony and Hagar were supposed to play with Eddie Van Halen, David Lee Roth, and Alex Van Halen on the ‘Kitchen Sink’ tour in summer 2019 with Wolfgang Van Halen opening, but Eddie’s poor health prior to his death canceled those plans.