New Slipknot Member Shirtless Photo Revealed


The new Slipknot member ‘Tortilla Man’ was reportedly confirmed to be Michael Pfaff a few days ago by his mother. A new shirtless photo of Pfaff has now surfaced, which is sure to drive to the Tortilla Man fangirls wild! Loudwire and Rock Feed released humorous videos in the last few days where they used Cameo to got Gilbert Gottfried and Chris Hanson to film videos pretending to be Tortilla Man. I wish I thought of that first!

The first unmasked ‘Tortilla Man’ performance was revealed yesterday in a video upload. Slipknot celebrated the 18th anniversary of their landmark album Iowa earlier this week, and Corey Taylor recently discussed the power of the album, and We Are Not Your Kind.

Taylor said, “[With] Iowa, we wanted to make the heaviest album ever made, and the songs were kind of thrown together on the go. We wrote half of that on the road. Volume Three was when we first really tried to have a vision for something. It started with Clown going, “Let’s really try to push the boundaries of this and see where we can go.” And it was because of the turmoil on All Hope Is Gone, and the solemnity of .5 that you could feel that that same kind of mindset wasn’t there.

With this album we came into it like, ‘Let’s build something.’ This isn’t just a collection of songs. This is a story. This is a completion. This is exactly what we’ve been trying to get back to for a long time.” You can read the full interview at The Fader.