Michael Anthony Reveals If Sammy Hagar Could Join Van Halen Reunion


Van Halen icons Michael Anthony and Sammy Hagar were interviewed by SiriusXM host Eddie Trunk recently. During the interview, Trunk pressed Anthony about an original lineup Van Halen reunion, and if Hagar would be invited to a show. Alternative Nation transcribed Anthony and Hagar’s comment’s below, as well as the comments of Eddie Trunk.

Trunk: Okay, I got one thing from me before I promised the audience a couple of questions. Michael (Anthony), you already put out a whole statement about the whole Van Halen thing, there’s nothing happening right? At least as of this year?

Anthony: At this point, yes, there is nothing happening.

Trunk: So you are clear and locked in with Sammy (Hagar) and clear sailing.

Anthony: Oh we are locked in anyway! Sammy was gracious enough to part the waves here if something were to happen.

Trunk: Which he said on my show, yeah.

Hagar: I’d go straight to Cabo, put my feet in the sand until Mikey’s done and we’d go back to work.

Trunk: Do you get a ticket to go to the show Sammy?

Hagar: Oh I’d go see it, yeah.

Anthony: I’d get him in backstage! I’d get him in backstage.


Hagar: First of all, there ain’t no show, let’s get that straight.

Trunk: That’s the problem, we need a show Michael, we need a show. Can’t you go walk up the street to the brothers and get to say:

“Let’s do a show!” 

Trunk: Let’s all do a march up there, including Sammy, we all will go walk up there right now. Right from the Rainbow we’ll walk up the street.

Crowd member: Let’s do it!

Trunk: Michael won’t even put the microphone to his mouth right now, look at him.

Anthony: You’d be pounding on a door, you’d be pounding on a door.