Michael Anthony ‘Stealing’ From Van Halen Bandmate Revealed


Former Van Halen singer Sammy Hagar filmed a video of Michael Anthony reading Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea’s book Acid for the Children, and he revealed that he’s almost finished.

Sammy Hagar wrote, “Ladies and gentlemen Michael Anthony is in the house #bestfriends #flyinghigh #homewardbound #funnyshit #badsanta #theotherhalf.”

Flea said, “So wild you guys are reading my shit! Hahahaha. Honored. Thank you.”

Hagar responded, “I fell asleep and he grabbed it it was a long flight. Dude It’s really good Can’t put it down.”

Michael Anthony responded, “@flea333 started reading your book on Sam‘s plane, couldn’t put it down, must’ve read a third of it on our flight!! Going to pick up my own copy to finish, much respect for you brother, great read!”

Eddie Van Halen’s son broke his silence on a sickness claim last week. South_Floridian_Leviathon said, “No BS I got the book and I related completely I cried it was beautiful it was a reflection of my own childhood at the end I was reading my wife and she’s reading it now some of the things. First of all I came from completely Dysfunctional Family just like you moved around like I wasn’t important anyways I change the paradigm with my wife and my family my adult children and I encourage their dreams and their dreams are coming true. It takes a lot of Courage to do that.

One of the things I want to tell you is I took my kids with my wife because they wanted to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers at the BB&T Center back and I don’t know 2007? Anyways we all had a blast at the end Anthony left the stage.

And then you and John and Chad and I believe there was a comment from the stage the John’s Grandparents were there or something and you all went into some 26 minute Jimi Hendrix Miles Davis Jam John was tearing it up you had endless energy and Chad was swing on the drums. But your book resonates. It’s Alchemy from Miami Florida to you thank you my brother! Miracles do happen!” Michael Anthony ‘blowing it’ with a Van Halen 2019 announcement was detailed last week.