Michael Anthony ‘Blew It’ With Van Halen 2019 Announcement


Former Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar celebrated his wedding anniversary a couple of days ago, but Michael Anthony messed up the exact date, as the wedding was on November 29, 1995.

Hagar wrote, “25 years ago today I married this Beautiful soul, that grows more beautiful every year #happyanniversary #lovelovelove #❤ #ittakestwo #happiness.” Anthony commented, “Happy 25th!!!” A fan named Brett Carroll responded, “24th anniversary actually Mikey.”

Hagar discussed his wealth at the Grammy Museum recently, “You can be as rich as can be — a guy like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett — [but] these guys build schools. They build hospitals. They feed people all over the world. The difference is not doing good for other people — just hoarding your money and spending it like crazy and doing crazy things and ripping other people off. That’s what greed is. There’s nothing wrong with being rich, man.

It’s much better than being poor. Believe me — I’ve been both. You’ve just got to help other people and do what you can and not just be about the money. It’s really about what you can do with the money. I just think it’s important to know that you can’t hate somebody because they’re rich. Is this guy cool, or is he not cool?

I just kind of got hung up in that first, and then I made up a story that was really interesting about a guy that goes through it, has everything and blows it, and then gets enlightened from hitting the bottom. When he hit bottom, he had nothing, and he’s crashing at the beach with friends, and all of a sudden, he goes, ‘Wow, this ain’t so bad compared to where I just came from.'”

Eddie Van Halen’s bandmate begged for prayers in a new video. Dave’s Dreidel wrote about the vocal range of Van Halen’s other singer, David Lee Roth, in a new VHLinks.com forum topic.

“Dave was a vocal freak from about 1978-1980. But he didn’t take care of his instrument. Listen to bootlegs from 1978 and 1979 especially, and anyone saying “Dave could never sing” is out of their fucking minds. But, those that say he still sounds good are out of their fucking minds as well.

Both can be true. Plain and simple, DLR was a great vocalist live and in studio at the beginning of his career, but the partying and smoking took its toll.”

BSBLL responded, “Dave does have (or did, depending on who’s arguing) incredible range, but I think it’s his mid range that was always the best sounding and the one that fit his style the most. I think his super low singing sounds a bit contrived and his upper register singing is grating. But give me him belting out Beautiful Girls, Ice Cream Man, etc. all day long and I’ll tell you how great he is. Unfortunately it’s his mid range that he’s seemingly lost the most.” A Motley Crue member revealed an Eddie Van Halen sickness photo after cancer reports last week.