Michael Jackson Revealed Disturbing John Lennon Secret


Michael Jackson discussing John Lennon in rare studio audio was unearthed years after Jackson’s death, and in it Jackson sings a bit of The Beatles classic “Dig It” off their final album Let It Be. Jackson refers to it as a Lennon song, and was so inspired by it that he encouraged his collaborator that they should write songs in the traditional rock format of vocals and a guitar. U2 singer Bono revealed yesterday what John Lennon did to ‘virgins.’

Jackson sang “Like a rolling stone, like the FBI, you hear that? Like the CIA.” He then said, “It’s John Lennon.” He sang another line, “Like the BBC.”

The collaborator asked, “What song is it?”

John Lennon discussing haters and ‘mistresses’ was recently detailed. Jackson responded, “They call it ‘Can You Dig It.’” He sang one more lyric, “And Doris Day, dig it!” Jackson continued, “It’s a little short piece, like a transitional thing. He’s just screaming out stuff. I’m telling you, what would be neat for you to do sometime is hook up your electric guitar or whatever, and just start playing, and get me a mic, and [create] out of the moment, which would be really fun. A lot of magic can be created out of the moment like that.”

He then said about studio tapes, “I think they’ll always have big tapes like that. I feel like they’ve been that big and heavy ever since I’ve been working in studios. Everything else has changed, all these chord things, I’m shocked they haven’t changed by now.” Foo Fighters made a stunning Michael Jackson claim last week.