Rush Member ‘Freak Out’ On Final Tour Revealed


Rush frontman Geddy Lee revealed how performing with his famed rock band was the ‘ultimate challenge’ for him and his brain in a recent interview with Classic Rock magazine, adding how he would question some nights if he was really up for the task. Lee told the publication the following. Geddy Lee announced this horrible Rush health scare recently.

Rush were together for 40 years you don’t recover from that quickly. There was something about a Rush show for me that was the maximum challenge of my brain and my playing ability every night. Some nights before you go on you’re like, ‘Oh God, am I up for this?’ But when you came off the stage, it just felt like you’d really done something with yourself.”

In other news regarding Rush, fans of the group discussed what was band member Neil Peart’s prime as a drummer in a topic on the Rush subreddit. This Rush singer revealed why Neil Peart forced retirement recently.

Wagtherush posted: “I would say all of the ’80s! I’m no drummer but to me, that’s the most complex and exciting time for the band, due to all the new tech and toys they all got. I mean, no eighties, no double kit!!! Lol.”

Jdgaidin12 responded: “He hit a point of perfection by Power Windows and into Presto. So there’s one, I would say. But even he though he was too rehearsed, too robotic. Enter Freddy Gruber. Changed his style and his sound. For post-Gruber prime, I have to say S&A. The studio setup, the production, and the technicality with a groove. Peak, to me. But I’m no drummer, just an admirer.”

Neil Peart dropped this Rush tour bombshell recently. Watchdogforkittens simply said: “I would say from the fertilization of the egg in his mother’s womb right up until about this morning…and beyond.”