Foo Fighters Make Stunning Michael Jackson Claim


Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins discussed his fandom of Michael Jackson’s first group the Jackson 5 in a new Mojo magazine interview when discussing his favorite albums growing up. A Foo Fighters member confirmed massive drug use a couple of days ago.

“Well you know, it’s hard to pick one. I had a couple of records that did that. I was playing the drums aged 10 to Queen’s Live Killers and Adam & The Ants’ Kings Of The Wild Frontier, and I loved the Jackson 5 when I was younger. Also, Abbey Road is my favorite Beatles album, but I love Help! too.

But, and I know it sounds so stupid and I wanna sound smart and pick The Velvet Underground or something way more cooler, really it’s obvious – it’s The Beatles’ Red and Blue greatest hits.”

Taylor Hawkins revealed if Foo Fighters have big plans for their 25th anniversary in 2020, including a rumored new album that Dave Grohl has discussed, in a new Kerrang Magazine interview. Dave Grohl looked like a stoner in a new party photo revealed yesterday.

“Well, it’s very possible,” Taylor says. “There’s a lot of talk, and I think Dave is already mapping out what he wants the next record to be, so I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s something coming down the pipe. I can’t 100 per cent spell it out for you for sure, because I’m always the last to know and I don’t want to give it away. But I would imagine there will be something made of the 25th year of the Foo Fighters, for sure. You know us, we never stop.”

Foo Fighters recently wrapped up a European tour and have said that they intend to work on a new album in late 2019 going into 2020. The Foos last released Concrete and Gold in 2017. Dave Grohl leaked a stunning The White Stripes photo a few days ago.

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  • Cynthia Rosario

    Stunning? Huh??? Ahh of course. Typical reporter behavoir. Using his name for views with outrageous headings, copy paste lazy shit. The crazier the story the better the money huh? People have wondered for years why you, the news media etc. always use him and his name only sharing one sided biased reports, opinions and many times lies? This is what he lived with for years and to this day continues to. Your research is lazy & I get it, I’ve heard many journalists say their bosses don’t want good things about MJ because it doesn’t get the attn the negative lies and rumors do. You all never give the facts and got away with so much because we didnt have access to the information like we do today so we depended on you all and are learning all the lies we were fed believing it all because the news wouldn’t lie right? Reporters wouldn’t lie to us. People are more and more learning how manipulative you all are for a crazy report. Looking back many see how you all put him through hell and in many interviews he talks about how much you all lie about him & ther’s nothing he could do about it because if he were to take every reporter to court for defamation he wouldn’t have a life he’d live it in court. Everyday there’s a story about someone selling a book, an album, a movie and everyday theres stories about Michael and many others who they knew and reporters gotta write a story about it and put something bizarre in the heading. “Wacko Jacko chewed gum while walking!” Theres never facts, things are taken out of context about him and the constant old rumors, debunked stories & name calling has been used on him for decades. The same shit over and over. You all just belittle and tell rumors on him. Just stop it’s so disgusting. And do some research and fact checks on him. I did and became a fan this year. You’ll find it disgusting the lies on him for money. And what was reported wasn’t what was happening. RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH. Isn’t that your job?

  • Cathy Creswell

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