Michael Jackson’s Daughter Sings Pearl Jam Classic


Bonnaroo Festival was graced with an awe-inspiring performance by Paris Jackson recently. Of course, Paris is the illustrious daughter of the legendary king of pop himself, Michael Jackson.

As reported by Pearl Jam online, Unleashing her extraordinary vocal talents, Jackson left the audience captivated as she delivered a soul-stirring rendition of Pearl Jam’s iconic anthem, ‘Even Flow,’ followed by a mesmerizing performance of another 90s classic, Blind Melon’s ‘No Rain.’

Clad in grunge attire, Paris Jackson left everyone stunned not only by her look, but by the way she really made these songs her own.

It comes as no surprise that Paris Jackson has emerged as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. Last year, she released ‘Lighthouse,’ which harbored a hidden gem in the form of the extraordinary guitar skills of none other than Mike McCready of Pearl Jam. As you can see, this rendition of ‘Even Flow’ is deeper than just a song to sing.

The collaboration between these two remarkable artists solidified their creative bond, paving the way for Jackson’s triumphant delivery of ‘Even Flow’ at Bonnaroo Festival.

Jackson took command of the stage, channeling the spirit and energy of Pearl Jam’s iconic anthem.

Witnessing the fusion of Paris Jackson’s captivating stage presence and her undeniable connection to the music she performs is an experience that has to be seen to believe, check out the video below.

Paris Jackson is not a rookie to the industry, and she by far had one of the best teachers ever.

Paris Jackson’s musical journey has only just begun, and the world eagerly awaits the next chapter in this legacy that she is carving out for herself. What did you like about her performance? Do you think she can fill in for Eddie Vedder anytime soon? Let’s see what may happen next as time goes on.