Mick Jagger Called Out For Disrespecting Surprising Bandmate


The Rolling Stones background singer Bernard Fowler discussed Mick Jagger getting pissed onstage when backing vocals are done wrong in a new Rolling Stone interview.

“I went back on the road with Herbie Hancock and when I was in New York, some people called me saying, ‘I hear Mick Jagger’s looking for a male background singer to go on the road. Have you heard anything?’ I’m like, ‘No, no one’s called me.’ I was rehearsing for a tour at a studio with Carmine Rojas and I walked out of the room to go to the bathroom, and I see this entourage of people come down the corridor and I see Mick. I say, ‘Hey, Mick. How you doing?’ He looks at me and didn’t speak so I went to the bathroom. Then later a woman walks in and says, ‘Is there a Bernard Fowler here? Mick would like to know if you’d audition for his tour.’ She gave me a cassette of three or four songs and left.

I say, ‘Audition? I did his first solo album. What is this audition shit? Fuck that. I’m not going in there.’ Carmine Rojas, bless his heart, grabbed me by the arm and took me in the corner. He said, ‘You go in there and you kill them.'”

He later said, “[Mick] has never given me any advice. I would say that early on, when I first started working with him, he was a taskmaster. He and Keith did all that singing on the early records, so it was always important to me to sing those parts with some familiarity, and it was a job because it was only me and [fellow backup singer] Lisa Fischer. Basically, Lisa and I found a way to make two people sound like we’re singing big, so it was bigger than just two people. Mick would sometimes give us a scowl that means, ‘That’s not working. You need to do something else.’ When he’s got that face on, it means it ain’t working. That’s the way it was.”

The Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood has released new artwork.

“Ronnie’s new artwork revealed! Today Ronnie announces five brand new paintings to add to his extensive collection of work, that are now available to purchase as limited edition prints, from the link in the bio.

This collection includes a Picasso inspired painting which honours the Rolling Stones, titled ‘Abstract Stones’. Each print is personally signed by Ronnie and is individually numbered.

Ronnie says: ‘I call it The Picasso Stones. It’s my interpretation of Picasso’s painting The Three Dancers. Looking at the original, I was inspired to do my own take featuring the boys. I did a few versions and each one was slightly different and more honed than the last. I had great fun doing it.

Picasso did his own take on a lot of artists but I bet he never thought anyone would ever do a take on him. I hope and think he’d be flattered, but also a bit shocked and pleasantly surprised at my take on his work.’

Ronnie has also painted his own set of personal interpretations of classic Stones tour posters; Urban Jungle, Bridges to Babylon and Voodoo Lounge.”