The Rolling Stones Icon Confirms He’s Quit ‘For Good’


Former The Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman has confirmed that he is done touring for good, and has no desire to reunite with the band for a tour. Keith Richards was caught sleeping with a bandmate in a photo a few days ago.

World Web Forum recently asked if he had any regrets about leaving, especially places he didn’t get to play like Africa. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments.

“I’ve never been to Africa. I’ve been to North Africa, and Moracco and played like that. No, because in those days, no black people were allowed to watch. If we can’t play to a mixed audience, we’re not going. We were invited, and we turned it down, because the audience was still segregated in those days, so we said we’re not going, so we never went.

They’ve been to all these places since I left, that I never went. They’ve been to Russia, China, South America, I never went to all those places. But I don’t regret it, because I’ve got all my own places I’ve been that they’ve never been.”

Mick Jagger called out a bandmate for cocaine abuse recently. Wyman was then pressed again, with another question about if he will return for a reunion tour.

He answered, “No, because in 1990 I stopped flying. I decided that I didn’t want to fly anymore, because I flew in the military, then I flew all the time in the Stones, hundreds and hundreds of flights. When I left the band, I said I don’t want to fly anymore, so I don’t. If I can’t get there by train or car or walk, I don’t go.” Jimmy Page recently posted a photo with Bill Wyman.