Mick Jagger Confirming The Rolling Stones Replacement Leaks


The Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger confirming to Rod Stewart’s band Faces that he intended on hiring Ronnie Wood to replace Brian Jones was revealed by Wood in a new interview with the German newspaper Spiegel.

The journalist asked, “Is it true that in 1969 you were to replace the late Stones guitarist Brian Jones?”

Wood responded, “I played with Rod Stewart with Faces back then. Jagger called and wanted to recruit me. But our bassist Ronnie Lane came in and gave Mick a bump without asking, “Wood feels very comfortable with us, thank you.” That’s it, the Stones hired Mick Taylor. I did not find out about it until five years later. I had always been Stones fan. Being included later was a big deal. My dad was the proudest. He only called me ‘Ron Wood of the Rolling Stones.'”

The Rolling Stones possibly booking their final tour was just revealed. Rocky Dijon posted about a rumored new The Rolling Stones album on IORR.org, and the relationship between Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts, and Ronnie Wood. He said, “Apart from actual band sessions, Mick is the only one who still works with Keith in isolation. Charlie and Ronnie will still work with Mick, but no one but Mick has been around Keith (among the Stones) for years. You could say it’s purely geographical separation, but is that excuse really valid for guys who can afford to go anywhere anytime?

If it was a question of Keith being difficult, then it’s interesting that Steve Jordan, Waddy, and Ivan have no difficulty staying loyal to him. Even with over 20 years between albums, those guys play or cut with Keith pretty regularly. They’re actual friends. I’m not certain Keith really has close relationships in the Stones any more. He says nice things about Charlie always, but when did they last hang out?

When did Keith last go to one of Charlie’s jazz gigs (as he used to)? Keith and Ronnie vacationed together with the wives earlier this year and that was the first time in a good long while (the 2006 head injury as far as I know and that incident was the first in what 20 years?) since they’ve done that. Keith’s habits vs. Ronnie’s battles with sobriety are or likely were also a factor. They do a great job of hiding the truth. Their kids all seem to get along well and they view the others as uncles, but there isn’t much love any more. Jerry’s attitude to Keith also seemed to have hardened over the years.” Mick Jagger and Keith Richards ‘messing up’ performances was called out earlier this week by a bandmate.