The Rolling Stones ‘Final’ Tour With Mick Jagger Revealed


The Rolling Stones will continue with a new album and tour, with Mick Jagger still in the band, according to Ronnie Wood in a new interview with the German newspaper Spiegel. Many would have to assume that at their age, this will be their final album and tour. Mick Jagger ‘needing’ a doctor was detailed last week.

“Blue and Lonesome”, the last Stones album, was made up of blues cover songs. Is a completely new work to be expected?

“Yes. We are already here. The new album is like a puzzle, we have to put together the missing parts. We hope to release it in 2020 and then continue our world tour.”

You grew up in a social building in a London suburb.

“In Yiewsley, at Heathrow Airport. I was the only one born in the family on the mainland. My family used to live on a barge, my parents worked as barges and sailed on canals between London, Stratford-upon-Avon and Manchester.”

Does not sound like a programmed Rock’n’Roll career.

“Music was important to our family. We are from the lineage Roma. Gypsy blood is perfect for rock’n’roll. There was always a lot of celebration in our home, even though we were poor. My dad played harp and piano, my older brothers Art and Ted, both of whom are no longer living, were in bands, Art used to be Charlie Watts with Alexis Korner. We heard a lot of blues, from Muddy Waters and Howlin ‘Wolf.”

Keith Richards’ family revealed ‘severe’ health scare photos a few days ago. The Rolling Stones fans reacted to the new album and tour news on TooTough said, “They should have gone into the studio after the tours in October 2017, July 2018 and September 2019 – when the machinery was oiled and they were in fine form musically. I think there won´t be a new album.”

Rocky Dijon said, “If there’s any significance to Ronnie’s obviously awkwardly translated quote (just like the last one, actually), it’s that it appears the plan is still to finish overdubbing before heading back on the road.

No tour announcement yet. Last reliable word was they were heading back to the studio this month. Rumor (reliable or not is questionable) was they were to be in the studio on and off through April 2020. Let’s wait to see where the usual suspects are this week and next.” Mick Jagger was ‘in denial’ after a stunning The Rolling Stones departure.