Taylor Swift Humiliated Justin Bieber For Selena Gomez?


Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have been embroiled in conversation lately. As we all know, Selena has been ill, and she once dated Justin. Taylor Swift, who has been very prominent lately, it has been suggested, is using one of her song’s to call out Justin Bieber for the way he treated Selena Gomez.

As per Yahoo, Anyone who has spent any time on social media has heard people talking about the drama between Hailey Bieber, Selena Gomez and Kylie Jenner. 

The latest update on the alleged feud between the Bieb, Selena and Hailey that began when Selena posted a TikTok joking about accidentally over-laminating her eyebrows. Kylie seemingly responded by posting a picture of her own eyebrows on Instagram and writing “This was an accident?????” on top of them. She also posted a screenshot of herself face timing Hailey, both of them zoomed in on their eyebrows. The “mean girl” drama has continued to spiral thanks to old video clips and deleted tweets being called out on TikTok, as well as celebs like Kendall Jenner and Kylie’s ex-BFF Jordyn Woods getting involved.

Selena’s bestie, Taylor Swift, has yet to step in — but the singer has made it clear over the years that she will always be #TeamSelena. A theory about a song from Midnights is resurfacing thanks to this newly-resurrected convo about Selena and Justin’s break-up — and some fans think that it was Taylor’s way of calling out Justin for the way that he treated Selena.