Mick Jagger Girlfriend Honors Him With New Release


It has been noted that Mick Jagger’s girlfriend, Melanie Hamrick, is sharing how the legendary rocker supported her debut erotic novel, “First Position.”

The 36-year-old former ballerina and the 79-year-old musician, who have been dating nine years, share son Deveraux “Devi” Octavian Basil Jagger, 9. On Tuesday, Hamrick appeared on the U.K.’s “This Morning” to discuss her new book, which the Rolling Stones frontman has described as “pretty saucy.”

During the interview, Hamrick was asked about the dedication page, which says, “To my love, thank you for your endless support and inspiration” along with a winky face emoji.

“That’s to Mick, I take it?” host Craig Doyle asked.

“I mean, I think he hopes so,” Hamrick replied with a laugh.

Doyle asked Hamrick how she felt about writing some of the book’s racy scenes in front of “Sir Mick Jagger, your partner, the love of your life.”

“I’m wondering as he looked over your shoulder, and you were tapping away, how was that?” Doyle asked.

“He was very supportive,” Hamrick said. “I’m so lucky. He really encouraged me to write and get going.

“If I shocked him, I did a great job. I did what I needed to do. I think at about a halfway point, I said, ‘OK, you’ve got to — when it comes out, you’ve got to go and buy your own copy.'”

Hamrick, who was a professional dancer in the American Ballet Theatre for 16 years, said she drew upon her own experience to write “First Position.” Set in the world of professional ballet, the erotic novel follows Sylvie Carter, a former rising star in the North American Ballet whose career is derailed by a scandal following a “tumultuous, troubling relationship,” per the book’s description.

“But when renowned dancer Alessandro Russo joins NAB as a guest artist for the season, Sylvie is magnetically drawn to him. Torn between fear and attraction, she finds herself mentally unraveling but also artistically blossoming as she taps into emotions she’d buried long ago.

“Caught in a bewildering spiral, she can either let the wounds of the past destroy her or find a way to be reborn.”