Mick Jagger Huge Number Of Women He’s Slept With Revealed


The Sun reports that The Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger has slept with 4,000 women, but the 75-year old rocker is now finally settling down with 31-year old girlfriend Melanie Hamrick, who is a ballet dancer and the mother of his son.

The Mail on Sunday reports that Mick made a commitment to Melanie when they were in Mustique over Christmas.

“He’s finally ready to settle down and be a one-woman man,” a source told the paper.

This may come as a surprise to some, as the rocker – sometimes referred to as ‘Jagger the Sh***er’ – is infamous for his womanising ways.

He counts Angelina Jolie, Uma Thurman, Carla Bruni and Brigitte Bardot among his conquests, not to mention a rumoured fling with David Bowie.

Mick and Melanie’s 43-year age difference shocked many when The Sun revealed their secret relationship in 2014.

They kept in touch after meeting at a Rolling Stones concert in February of that year.

While Jagger has quit his womanizing ways, his bandmate Keith Richards has finally kicked alcohol.

Speaking to Mojo magazine, Richards said: “I’ve knocked the hard stuff on the head. I have a little wine with meals, and a Guinness or a beer or two, but otherwise no.

“It’s like heroin – the experiment is over.

“Mind you, if I meet you in a bar and you say, ‘Do you want a drink?’ I wouldn’t turn it down.

“I’m not a puritan in these matters. It’s just that it’s not on the daily menu any more.”