Ozzy Osbourne Given Drugs By Surprising Young Girl


Ozzy Osbourne and Black Sabbath were given drugs by a girl at the Poynton Jazz Festival during their youth, and Geezer Butler ended up stealing it all for himself. A Black Sabbath member revealed yesterday if the band spent a lot of money on drugs.

He told Kerrang Magazine, “I think we did the Poynton Jazz Festival and this girl had given Ozzy this tablet. She said it was for the four of us and we should divide it up, but I ended up taking it all. Nothing happened for a while, then I got home and my crosses started melting. I could see snakes coming out of the walls and everything.”

Ozzy Osbourne made a bold drug demand at a hospital recently. Butler added, “The next day we had a gig in Leamington Spa, right in the middle of this park, and as we drove through I could see all these flowers trying to get into the car! When we got onstage, I thought we were on a boat. The spotlights were the portholes of the boat and the crowd were the waves of the sea. It was like I was watching my fingers playing, but they had a mind of their own. I didn’t have a clue what I was doing, but I got through the gig.” You can read the full interview in Kerrang.

Ozzy Osbourne was recently featured on a new song “Take What You Want” with Post Malone. rogle1114 posted a review of the song on Reddit, “It sounded like they had too much auto tune on Ozzy’s voice. Honestly I think the song would have been better without him. It distracts from the rest of the song without adding anything special. Post Malone should have just sang Ozzy’s parts. (All in my opinion, of course.)”

kari4870 responded, “Yea I think if they just left his voice more normal and didn’t have the echoes and things like that his parts would have sounded better.”

Cloutweb1 said, “Not for me, sorry. Post Malone is crappy rap. College Rap if you ask me.” Philip_Swiftopher concluded, “The Post Malone/ Travis Scott parts weren’t great but Ozzy saved the song.” A Red Hot Chili Peppers member made a bold claim about Ozzy Osbourne turning to rap a few days ago.