Mick Jagger ‘Illegitimate’ Son Revealed With Big Name


The Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger recently wrote a ‘happy holidays’ message on his social media, and his son Lucas Jagger ended up commenting, leading to a rude fan calling him out for Mick having an affair with acclaimed television host Luciana Gimenez, which led to Lucas’ birth. At the time, Jagger was with Jerry Hall, the mother of his daughters. Mick Jagger being unhappy with his bandmate’s drug use in the studio was just revealed.

Lucas wrote, “Thank you dadda. See you soon 💕.” Pmn9001111111 commented, “@lucasjagger Have you had a shower yet ? Dadda at your age, child number six the most vocal out of the seven. Typical Brazilian.

Lucas responded, “@pmn9001111111 you gotta chill out. I’m wishing a merry Christmas to my father. Merry Christmas to you too.” Lucas then said, “@pmn9001111111 we are cool now. Happy holidays!.”

Pmn9001111111 shot back, “@nobile4808 There was a misunderstanding about what I thought this young man said about Mick’s eldest child Karis who happens to be Biracial and a Yale University Graduate . Ronnie Wood has cleared the air. Now listen carefully I am British. I first saw the Stones in 1966, so get off your Johnny Just Come Lately hero worshipping horses and read on to see that Lucas and I are now cool and have a great Christmas! Thanks.”

Pmn9001111111 said, “@paulaxschultz Everything is cool now ok he did not make the rude statements about Karis Jagger, Mick’s first born and I apologised because Ronnie Wood stepped in. He has the manners to accept my apology which shows he’s a cool kid. Let it go. Luciana Gimenez said, “Thanks babe.” Mick Jagger was ‘booed’ at a concert for a sad reason.