Mick Jagger Calls Out The Rolling Stones Drug Use In Studio


The Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger being unhappy with his bandmates Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood having ‘all nighters’ in the studio in their secret ‘club’ room with joins was detailed by Ronnie’s ex-wife Jo Wood in a article she wrote for The Daily Mail. Mick Jagger partying with Brad Pitt was just revealed.

“In the early days, I would stay in the studio all night long with the band while they recorded. We often didn’t finish until 11 in the morning, though that changed later on – Mick didn’t like the all-nighters. I built a little club room with a notice on the door saying ‘Jo’s Club’, and I’d have drinks and joints ready for Ronnie and Keith when they took a break.”

Mick Jagger was ‘booed’ at a surprising performance. DEmerson recently posted on IORR.org, “Performance film with Mick. Thoughts? I have it on DVD but hadn’t watched it in years, so I dug it out again this past weekend and it was almost like seeing it for the first time. And I’m sure there’s been threads here about the film, but I couldn’t find one.

The first half hour or so was totally baffling to me. I almost turned it off. But then Mick comes to the rescue, and then things do get interesting. And wow – it’s Mick at his most decadent really, right? And then we have Anita adding to the naughty fun. It’s very much of its time (and of course you have Roeg on board, although I still prefer The Man Who Fell to Earth, which as strange as that one is, is actually more coherent plot wise IMO). Interesting to see some reviews calling it a ‘masterpiece.’ Not sure I’d go that far. Probably pretty groundbreaking – perhaps even shocking – for its time. And Mick does have some stunning scenes – my favorite being him with the guitar as ‘come into my kitchen’ blues man.

What are your thoughts folks? And if you have never seen it, do hunt it down – and stick with it.”

Palace Revolution 2000 responded, “I do see it as a masterpiece. One of the first things I had to do was to disassociate myself from “my” Mick Jagger, the lead singer for the Stones. And take him as one of the actors, and it also took repeated viewings. But more than anything it was the books I read on it. McCabe’s book, Cammell’s, and also the guy, the gangster, who helped out on the film. Can’t recall his name.”

You can read the full Jo Wood piece at the Daily Mail.