Mick Jagger Booed At The Rolling Stones Show For Sad Reason


Mick Jagger and The Rolling Stones savagely disrespected their fans and angered them by showing up four hours late to a concert, eat your heart out Axl Rose! Ronnie Wood’s ex-wife Jo Wood made the claim in a new Daily Mail piece. Mick Jagger was just called out for abandoning The Rolling Stones.

“Being on the road from 1989 onwards was amazing compared to when we’d last toured in 82. Back then it was rock ’n’ roll madness, and Ronnie would wander on stage wearing whatever I’d brought to the gig. One time we were woken by security because we were late for a show. The band were four hours late going on stage that night and I was amazed that people waited so long to see them.

By the late Eighties it was totally different. Now there were wardrobe and make-up rooms and everything had to run to schedule. Everyone had their own van for getting to and from the gigs, while in the past we’d all bundle in a vehicle with Keith.

I loved touring, but I never found it difficult at the end of a tour to return home. I’d come back, make beans on toast and switch into normal life. It was much harder for Ronnie. He struggled to adjust because he’d miss the adrenaline and admiration that you got every night on the road.”

Mick Jagger begging a rock icon with sickness for ‘help’ was revealed last week. Fans looked back at the ‘Steel Wheels’ tour 30 years later on IORR.org this week. Dorn posted, “The Stones at Atlantic City Convention Center 30 years ago. 30 years ago today the Stones performed at Atlantic City Convention Center the great comeback tour backed by a great comeback album without this tour the band would never ever be alive anymore today that would be terrifying.”

House Boy Knows responded, “I went to all 3 shows and the first one was a low point for me among over 100 shows seen over the years since 1972. That memory has always stuck with me since I never really saw them play that poorly before, relatively speaking. The band was listless and uninspired, seeming to treat it as a run-through rehearsal for the pay-per-view two nights later – maybe saving their energy. Interestingly, the last show was a fun loose night with holiday festivity (Santa hats passed around) and all in a good mood for the final show of the US tour.”

Mathijs said, “I think 1981 was the last real ‘golden era’ tour. By 1982 all the danger was gone. But that said, the 1989 and 1990 tour are certainly not my favourites, but they did play incredibly well. It might even have been Keith’s ever playing. And they still played at the right speed, which is about 3 times faster than they play since Chuck took over.

And Bill Wyman. Man, he literally drives the Stones, what a fantastic bass player he was. He is so utterly missed.”

You can read the full Jo Wood piece at The Daily Mail.