Pearl Jam Asked Big Name To Replace Matt Cameron


Matt Cameron, Pearl Jam’s drummer, was replaced by Richard Stuverud. He played three concerts in Oakland and Fresno in 2022 as Cameron’s replacement. This had to be done because Cameron tested positive for coronavirus.

Stuverud describes how he was approached and what his experience was playing with the band in a post on

In it, Stuverud describes receiving a text from Jeff Ament, asking how many Pearl Jam songs he knew. When it was confirmed that the band needed a drummer, Stuverud says he started feeling weightless.

He was asked to perform for the next few shows, to which Stuverud writes that his heart jumped out of his chest after hearing about the opportunity.

Stuverud also got Cameron’s blessings and the band was grateful to him for serving as their drummer for the following few shows. Stuverud admitted that he also thought about the fact that Matt’s unfortunate situation turned into an opportunity for him.

“At the same time in the back of my mind, I also thought of Matt and this unfortunate situation that had also unfolded into an opportunity.

“A bizarre series of events that catapulted many emotions surfacing all at once. It was an absolute honor to jump in to help the shows move along.

“The band was grateful and it was great to get Matt’s blessing in the process,” Stuverude wrote.

On the May 12 show at the Oakland Arena in Oakland, California, Stuverud thanked Pearl Jam and gave cheers to Cameron for a speedy recovery. He also thanked him for his blessing. Stuverud said that it was a blessing to be in his position.

“Cheers to Matt for a speedy recovery and a big thank you for your blessing. It’s an honor to step in and deliver the goods. Ok, I am rock ready to keep the rock rolling…with unexplainable primal drumming energy of pure bliss. I live for this!” the drummer said.

On the next day, Stuverud applauded Cameron’s drumming skills and said that he is starting his day with appreciation for him. He said the following on the May 13 show in Oakland:

“I’m starting the day with drummer appreciation for Matt. Fucking. Cameron.

“It has been an honor to be able to sit at the mighty drum throne along with my drumming brothers Josh and Dave to help these particular Pearl Jam shows move along.

“Matt’s drumming is impeccable with mighty fine tastefulness at every corner of every song! I hope for a speedy recovery.

And most importantly, I am sending Matt nothing but compassion and love on a day that happens to be a heavy day of remembrance.”