Mick Jagger Looks Miserable In New Photo With Bandmate


Mick Jagger has been photographed with a bandmate from The Rolling Stones for the first time since his heart surgery. They were attending the IND vs. AUS CWC 19 game, and in a photo, Jagger looked pretty bored listening to somebody talk. Mick Jagger’s past gross home was recently recreated in stunning photos.

The Morrison Hotel Gallery have up a new Keith Richards gallery. Below are descriptions of some of the incredible photos.

Keith Richards in rehearsal with the Rolling Stones, September 1969. In the basement of Stephen Stills’ home on the valley side of Laurel Canyon, September 1969.

SUSAN BRANDT BLACHLEY’S’ STAFF PICK: The Stones were rehearsing for their 1969 in Stephen Stills’ house in Laurel Canyon. This photo of Keith Richards has always stuck in my mind. The dramatic backlighting and the way Ethan fills the frame with Keith’s profile makes you feel as if you’re sitting right next to him.

Keith cooking in the kitchen of Andy Warhol’s Montauk home where the Rolling Stones were rehearsing for their 1975 Tour of the Americas.

JAMIE’S STAFF PICK’S: “This photo of Keith Richard’s cooking in Andy Warhol’s kitchen by Ken Regan is so great. Given Keith’s lifestyle and reputation, it seems like such an unlikely thing for him to be doing. Seeing the unexpected and other side of people always makes for a good photo to me.”

“In 1966, I photographed each individual member of the Rolling Stones at home so as to create a stock library of these more personal and individual images for press use. By this time there was an increasing demand for such images and the band hated the idea of having unknown photographers coming to their homes.

Keith is photographed here at his glorious home Redlands in West Sussex with his beloved Bentley motor car, which he called Blue Lena after the great singer Lena Horne. By this time, Keith and I had become pretty close, and the entire day was a joy of picture taking and giggling with Keith showing his own particular take of this rather cheesy ‘at home’ format!” —Gered Mankowitz