Mick Jagger Unloads On Screwup At The Rolling Stones Show


The Rolling Stones recently performed at the Superdome in New Orleans, and Mick Jagger was very talkative. An iconic The Rolling Stones member recently called out a surprising Mick Jagger lie.

Jagger reacted to a screwup NFL call at the home of the New Orleans Saints at the band’s show on Monday night.

“We just walked past the 10th yard line. Let’s hope there’s not another no-call.”

Jagger apologized for canceling The Rolling Stones’ performance at Jazz Fest due to his heart surgery. “I’m very sorry we missed the Jazz Fest,” he said. “I’m sure it was great. I heard it was great.”

He also joked about Hurricane Barry leading the Stones to postpone their Superdome show. He said that he arrived in New Orleans last Wednesday, and was looking forward to jambalaya, po-boys and beignets, but “thanks to Barry, I had to eat room service for four days.”

Jagger had announced ahead of the postponement on Twitter, “New Orleans we’re going to be caught in a crossfire hurricane but we’re staying to play the show on Monday night, so stay safe and see you all then.” A legendary The Rolling Stones icon recently revealed how he was disrespected at a big name funeral.

1. Jumpin’ Jack Flash
2. Let’s Spend the Night Together
3. Tumbling Dice
4. Sad Sad Sad
5. Under My Thumb
6. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
7. Angie
8. Dead Flowers
9. Sympathy for the Devil
10. Honky Tonk Woman
11. Slippin’ Away
12. Before They Make Me Run
13. Miss You
14. Paint It Black
15. Midnight Rambler
16. Start Me Up
17. Brown Sugar

18. Gimme Shelter
19. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction