Mick Mars Drops New Motley Crue Guitarist Bombshell


In a recent interview with Guitar World, Mick Mars, the acclaimed guitarist of Motley Crue, opened up about his decision to step away from touring due to his ongoing battle with Ankylosing Spondylitis, a challenging form of arthritis affecting the spine and pelvis. Reflecting on his time with the band, Mars expressed a deep sense of pride in the collective achievements of Motley Crue, emphasizing his appreciation for their shared accomplishments despite the physical limitations that eventually led to his retirement from the rigorous demands of touring.

Addressing the topic of his relationship with John 5, his successor in Motley Crue, Mars spoke highly of their mutual respect and enduring friendship, highlighting the positivity surrounding John 5’s entrance into the group. This sentiment echoes previous statements made by John 5, who emphasized their ongoing communication and mutual admiration.

However, in a revealing interview with Rolling Stone earlier this year, Mars disclosed a sense of emotional disconnect and disillusionment within the band, expressing a profound feeling of isolation and emotional distress during their recent tour. He articulated a deep-seated disappointment with his bandmates, suggesting a fractured relationship that appeared irreparable, expressing a desire to sever ties with them permanently.

Despite initially intending to remain a part of Motley Crue in a non-touring capacity, Mars has since filed a lawsuit against the band, alleging mistreatment and attempts to diminish his significant stake in the group’s business affairs. The lawsuit further claims that Mars was the sole band member performing live during their most recent tour, implying a lack of participation from other members.

Mars’s lawsuit portrays a deeply unsettling picture of internal conflict within the band, revealing a stark contrast to the public image of Motley Crue. The legal dispute reflects a tumultuous chapter in the group’s history, underscoring the complexities and challenges that often accompany the dynamics of long-term musical partnerships.

 “In terms of that body of work, I’m very proud of it. I have all my plaques hanging around. For me, it became too much of a burden for me to tour. I tried to be as upfront as I could with them, saying, ‘I just can’t do this anymore’ because of my AS condition. It stunk, but yeah… I’m proud of everything Motley Crue did and everything we achieved together.”

Me and Mick, we talk all the time,” John 5 noted during an appearance on SiriusXM’s “Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk”. “We exchange Christmas gifts and things like that. When I was announced as the guitar player, he was one of the very first texts I got. He said, ‘You’re gonna kill it.’ It’s good, because it’s not like some stranger coming in. We have a great respect for each other.”