Metallica Confirm James Hetfield ‘Hiatus’ After Rehab


Metallica legend Kirk Hammett recently talked about James Hetfield‘s rehab after being asked about it in a new with ‘Let There Be Talk.’ During that interview, Hammett also stated and confirmed that the group has the summer off and what their plans will be going forward. Thanks to UG for the transcription. James Hetfield ‘refusing’ to leave rehab for Metallica leaks.

Hammett told the show the following. “We have the summer off; we have shows that we have planned in South America that are gonna happen in a couple of months.”

Hammett continued when being asked if he would ever go back to having amps on stage and what he feels the difference between analog and digital processing is: “I miss that too. Again, sometimes convenience trumps practicality. I have to say, I fucking miss having stacks on stage because that was, for me, a cool thing. Seeing a band, especially a band I liked at a small venue, and you could sit in front of fucking amps and feel the guitar in real fucking time, complete analog connection, I fucking miss it so much.” transcribed his comments.

In other news regarding Metallica. One fan took to the Metallica subreddit to discuss how James Hetfield and company ‘ruined’ the metal genre for them. Sportsciences posted: “Unfortunately I “discovered” Metallica late in both my life and in their discography. I started listening to them (I can’t recall if I’d previously heard a song by them) in 2004. Ever since I’ve sought out recommendations for other metal bands. And, forgive me, but every other metal band sounds like bullshit to my ears. Metallica is so – perfect. James’ voice is haunting, brash, shocking. His vocals soar and their harmonies turn at just the right times in the song. They do not sound like any other band that ever existed.

James Hetfield left this huge Metallica tip at a  restaurant recently. The user continued: “I also just saw S&M2 in the theater. Unbelievable. Unforgiven III with just the symphony? The Iron Foundry? Wow. And the extra-long crowd singing after Memory Remains – what an unbelievable concert experience that must have been.”

xTRS responded: ” I’m a die-hard Metallica fan, but I think Dystopia was a better album than …Hardwired overall. If you haven’t listened to Megadeth in a while, you should really check it out. I still think Metallica is a superior band because of its range. I appreciate them trying different sounds throughout their career, as well as being open to playing alongside an orchestra twenty years ago when classical music was so lame compared to heavy metal. They had a winning sound but didn’t rest on their laurels. They released the music they wanted to release and that takes huge balls.” Metallica ex-bassist calls out James Hetfield’s drinking.