Mike Patton Hints At Faith No More Breakup


Faith No More frontman Mike Patton was asked by Full Metal Jackie about the status of FNM in a new interview. While he said the band are on an ‘expended break,’ he indicated that it could become more permanent, though there is a possibility of more shows.

Patton said, “I don’t know anything. We’re kind of on a extended break and if something happens, it’ll happen organically and naturally but I kind of don’t think it will.”

“I kind of feel like we’ve tipped the scales a little bit, but we’ll see, who knows? I’ve learned my lesson not to say ‘No.'”

“It’s one of those things, kind of like going to a family reunion and get along with your uncle and you’re like, ‘Oh, we’re going to go to the next BBQ. Fine.'”

“It’s really the way it is for us.”

Faith No More reunited in 2009 and released Sol Invictus in 2015, their first new album since 1997’s Album of the Year. Mike Patton is currently on tour with Dead Cross.

Mike Patton was pessimistic about the band’s future in the past since the reunion, but they stuck together. In a January 2013 interview, Patton suggested that the band would not remain active beyond the reunion tour, stating that “it’s sort of petered out” and the band was “maybe a little too conscious for [their] own good.” The next year the band announced they’d entered the studio, and in 2015 they released Sol Invictus.