Miley Cyrus Shows Floatation Devices In Lingerie Video


Miley Cyrus is on top of the world right now. She has been promoting her newest track, which is a diss to her now ex, Liam Hemsworth. Once it was outed that Liam and Miley were breaking up, a ton of news about the messy break up came out.

Not only did Liam Hemsworth cheat, but he cheated over and over again along with a multitude of other dirty work that he was putting in behind Cyrus’ back. All of the heartbreak may have somehow paid off for Miley, however, as ‘Flowers’ has just hit #1 across the globe. Yes, even a little pushback from Bruno Mars seems to have made the song that much better and more well known.

Miley stated in her post on Instagram: “Celebrating “Flowers” being #1 around the world again this week! I love that this record is connecting in such a positive way & it’s a pleasure to continue creating music for you. These milestones are only made possible by the listeners & my incredible fans. Endlessly thankful.” She also posted a video in lingerie.

This begs the question: should dirty laundry be aired? Better yet, should it all be put into a pop song and then formed in a way that is just a tad too close to another song? Well, surely it has worked for Miley Cyrus thus far as it seems that there is no stopping this train at all.

We will have to see what’s next for Miley, but surely, it can’t turn into a Taylor Swift project, can it?