Gene Simmons Daughter ‘Gets Wet’ In Pool Photo


Gene Simmons‘ daughter, the tantalizing Sophie Simmons is looking wet and hangin’ loose in this babealicious bikini beach photo! You can view it below. Gene Simmons’ daughter ‘bunny lingerie’ photo revealed.

In other news revolving Gene Simmons, Sophie Simmons’ ‘Demon Dad’, fans recently took to social media to revisit one of KISS’ most iconic albums – ‘Hotter Than Hell’. One fan reviewed: “Recorded at a time when KISS seemed scary and bigger than life. This isn’t like the post 78 stuff. This is worthy of any true rock fan’s attention. It has a grunge-like street feel to it. KISS was a tight cohesive band at this time. Mean and lean. Songs such as Parasite, Going Blind, Strange Ways, and Watchin You are standouts. The only issue is production. I think a previous reviewer nailed it on the head when he said the drums sound like they were recorded underwater. I do enjoy that it doesn’t sound so clean and polished but it would be great if the studio tapes were found, used and remixed.” Gene Simmons’ daughter recently ‘rubbed’ in this tight skirt photo.

The fan continued: “They maybe are able to reduce the amount of reverb that may have been added to the mix and bring the sound out more making it sound a bit warmer and less tinny. I wonder if Kiss had broken up after Alive if their reputation would have been better and similar to the Stooges, Sex Pistols and others who only released a few albums before they burned out. Check this album out if you have any preconceived ideas about KISS. This may change your mind.” Gene Simmons’ daughter bends over in this cowgirl photo.