Morbid Angel Singer Says Rap Influence Is in All Music Today



Morbid Angel are back with a brand new album, Kingdom Disdained. Returning to the band from a long hiatus is former vocalist Steven Tucker. I was recently able to speak with him by email. We talked about stuff like how this album is the best since Gateways and how rap music is an influence in all music today.

How did the writing for your newest album go?


We did over half the album as a demo. Whatever riffs were written were sent to me and then he would send it over and I would do vocals. I haven’t done this in years and the songs had a good, energetic feel to them. I think it’s a great mix of brutal and technical songs


What made you choose this name for the album?


Well we had to follow the Morbid Angel circle so the next one had to start with a K. We chose Kingdom Disdained and we felt it fit with today’s society.


I noticed last tour you only played songs from your era of Morbid Angel. Will we ever see David Vincent songs in the set again?


Of course. This last tour was just a celebration of how this line up started. Expect songs from the entire catalogue.


Out of the three albums you played on which is your favorite?


Gateways for sure. Very fond of that album. Lots of great ideas from everyone. I relate it all to good things. Formulas is very close though.


Gateways is actually my favorite album in the whole catalogue.


Nice man then you will love the new one. It’s a lot like Gateways.


Thanks. What’s your thoughts on the state of death metal today?


I think death metal at this point is legit, kind of how like rap is today. Death metal is different than other genres. The older these bands get the cooler stuff they put out and so many awesome new bands keep coming out. So many bands taking influence from all over the music world too. Almost everything in rock and metal takes influence from rap using it’s nice song structures. I’d say some of my favorite new death metal bands would be Soreption and Archspire.