Motley Crue Brutally Rip ‘Skinny’ Vince Neil Photo


Motley Crue called out a fan for claiming a skinny photo of Vince Neil and Tommy Lee wasn’t really them. A new Vince Neil backside photo stunned Motley Crue fans.

Traci Burnett commented on a Facebook photo post, “Yeah, that’s not Tommy, and I’m not sure that is Vince.”

Motley Crue responded, “Epic fail on 2 counts.”

Shell Cortinas commented, “The love I have for this band and music is eternal and no matter what will always and forever be my favorite of all time. From the moment I heard Too Fast for Love, I was hooked. I changed from loving “pop” music to banging my head. 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼My ultimate dream would to meet you all but I will settle for rocking out with the other millions of fans!!
Horns up Mötley Crüe and can’t wait to see you guys in San Antonio, Texas!!!!!”

Duane Huddleston wrote, “First concert I ever went too had the privilege to be at Reunion Arena in Dallas Texas when you filmed Home Sweet Home for ever in your gratitude Mötley Crüe limo out side Jack Daniel in the ride night I will never forget.”

Donny Ashlock commented, “Believe it or not I got my first Motley Crue album Jan 21st 1982, I was 7 years old, my babysitter got it for me for my birthday with an Iron Maiden album. Maiden went to the back of the pile and I listened to too fast for love about 70 million times and been my favorite since and I’m damn near 45! All the albums, a book, and a movie, and 5 concerts later i still love ya!!!!” A Motley Crue girlfriend recently revealed if Vince Neil is overweight.