Guns N’ Roses Member Viciously Rips Slash Book


Former Guns N’ Roses drummer Matt Sorum recently announced his new book, and ex-bandmate Gilby Clarke appeared to indirectly poke fun at some inaccuracies in books by Slash and Duff McKagan in a comment. A Guns N’ Roses member recently called out a former bandmate for being a ‘bloated’ mess.

Matt Sorum wrote, “Proud to announce the release of my memoir Double Talkin’ Jive will be out April 7th 2020 published by @chireviewpress More than a few years in the making. It was a cathartic process and a walk back through time. I’m very grateful for the journey I’ve had so far and hope you enjoy the read of my wild and turbulent years in Rock N Roll !! #doubletalkinjive pre-order on Amazon in my bio.”

Gilby Clarke commented, “Congrats Matt, I’m sure it’s fantastic. You are the only one who remembers accurately.”

Sorum responded, “Thanks brother, well not the most sober during those years but somehow I retained a lot of info.”

He also wrote, “A new Decade is upon us, the last decade was one of growth and commitment , trials and tribulations that life brings, Joy and Happiness, Sorrow and Pain, Love and loss ..but with that comes hope and a stronger more resilient me.

In Numerology 2020 signifies making things happen, converting visions into reality. Strive to inspire and be inspired by the ones around you. The thing that I am most proud of in the last decade is finding my faith in God and with that faith there is no fear. Manifest your destiny and God will lead you there. Happy New Year, Matt. Photo by @markmaryanovich.” Slash firing a Guns N’ Roses bandmate was recently detailed.