Motley Crue Disgusting Van Halen Attack Revealed: ‘He Bit Him’


In a new SiriusXM interview, Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx claimed that Vince Neil bit the hand of Eddie Van Halen, which led to Motley Crue almost being kicked off a tour with Van Halen. Alternative Nation transcribed Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee’s comments.

Tommy: We went through this crazy biting phase were we would just fucking bite you

Nikki: Draw blood.

Tommy: And that only meant that we loved you.

Nikki: Yeah-uh!

Tommy: Everyone is like, ‘Oww, fuck, what the fuck are you doing, dude?’ 

Nikki: Bite the press, we would bite the press!

Trunk: Bite the press?, people interviewing you?!

Nikki: Yeah, we would just be doing some weird interview in the middle of a festival an-

[Host interrupts] 

Host: Tommy is now biting Douglas [Booth].

Nikki: Vince [Neil] once bit Eddie Van Halen’s hand and we almost got thrown off the tour.

Host: Oh my God!

Nikki: Yes, well as I said that is not the target.

[The room laughs]

Vince: Good job assholes, not Eddie’s hand, that is not a target!

Nikki: Remember Malcolm?

Vince: Malcolm Young from AC/DC?

Host: You bit Malcolm Young of AC/DC!

Vince: Bit the fuck outta him and he was just like

“Fucking mate! You fucking idiots!” 

Vince: And we were like…

Tommy and Nikki: “We love you, we love AC/DC, this is like a kiss.”

Host: What I think is amazing is that you saved your biting for like, true legends such as Malcolm Young and Eddie Van Halen. These weren’t the opening acts you were biting, these were the acts that you were gonna leave your mark on and it was gonna be on a ‘real deal’ guy.

Nikki: I remember Doc came to us and he goes

“Good job assholes, I think you’re getting thrown off the Van Halen tour”

Nikki: And were like “why?!”, then we had to stay in our trailers

Vince: Good job assholes.

Nikki: We weren’t allowed to leave our trailer when Van Halen was walking to the stage.

Host: They handcuffed Tommy again!

Tommy: Like, nope, stay in there, get out of here!