Blink-182 Member Allegedly Quits Auto-Tune Live


Blink-182, the legendary pop-punk band that has captivated fans for decades, has always been known for their infectious melodies, energetic performances, and distinctive vocal styles. Recently, a post on Reddit sparked a discussion about Tom DeLonge’s use of auto-tune during the band’s latest tour. Fans have observed a shift in his vocal approach, with some suggesting that he has dialed back on the auto-tune and is relying more on his natural singing abilities. In this editorial, we explore this intriguing phenomenon and reflect on the evolution of Tom DeLonge’s vocal style.

As reported by Reddit, Tom using auto-tune has garnered mixed reactions from both fans and critics, with some embracing its usage as an artistic choice to bring back some nostalgia to Tom’s vocal chords, and others are viewing it as an artificial means of perfection.

The original Reddit posted stated: “Okay so idk if I’m just going crazy or what, But at the beginning of this tour it was noticeable that Tom used some auto-tune (which is fine I have no issue with it). Now more recently, I feel like Tom isn’t really using it anymore, or at least is using it a lot less now and is letting his real voice do most of the work which I think is rad if that’s the case. Anyone else think the same is happening?”

Throughout Blink-182’s extensive career, Tom DeLonge has been recognized for his distinctive vocal style characterized by its nasal quality, energetic delivery, and youthful exuberance. His voice, whether through its deliberate imperfections or infectious hooks, has played an integral role in the band’s success. As fans have grown alongside the band, they have witnessed Tom’s voice mature and evolve, adapting to the changing dynamics of their music.

Another fan said this: “Saw them Monday in Tampa. Have seen them 9 times now. Tom sounded 100%. Didn’t detect auto tune and his voice was a little grittier and deeper than I’ve seen online. Have watched several YouTube vids from the tour and have heard some moderately funky performances. But he was on fire in Tampa.”

Tom’s voice has changed dramatically since the first rendition of Blink-182 and had a fall-off around the time of Angels And Airwaves, Tom’s other full-time band. Fans have seemingly panned Tom’s voice for every Blink-182 tour since the early 2010s (when the band would be active.)

The speculation that Tom DeLonge may be utilizing auto-tune less frequently or relying more on his raw vocal talent signals a potentially significant shift in his artistic choices. If true, this departure from heavy auto-tune usage aligns with a broader trend in the music industry, where artists are embracing authenticity and embracing the imperfections that make their voices unique.