Rage Against The Machine Drop John Frusciante Bombshell


Rage Against The Machine drummer Brad Wilk, who just got his singer Zack de la Rocha back for a 2020 reunion tour, liked Flea and Chad Smith’s posts announcing John Frusciante‘s comeback for 2020 performances on Instagram. Wilk was one of the first famous musicians to like the posts, confirming it was not a well orchestrated hacking hoax like many fans had feared.

Former Van Halen singer Sammy Hagar said, “Shit John is the man.” He added, “This is really special John is so creative!!!”

A Rage Against The Machine icon mocked an awful singer performance yesterday. CarelessAngels posted on Reddit, “The reason I’m so happy about John joining RHCP is it means there’s a chance for more solo albums. He previously announced that he was still making music, but with the intention of no one ever listening to it.

If he is actually joining RHCP, he must have had a change of mind about his creative output to the world. For all we know, he could have made tons more solo album material that he is now willing to share with us. The prospect of new solo albums is for me much more exciting than RHCP material, I’ve always found his solo work more precious.”

FootieFighter said, “I also hope he’s going to do some interviews again. His interviews always give me inspiration and his look on the world and music are really interesting.” Hatebean41 posted, “Literally the only thing I’m excited for. Would be nice to have some good RHCP songs again though. John Frusciante revealed why he moved away from guitar based music a few days ago.