Angus Young Drops AC/DC 2020 Tour Bombshell


AC/DC members Angus Young and the late great Malcolm Young’s never before published online interview with Classic Rock magazine via just surfaced, and it offers a look at what AC/DC’s rumored 2020 reunion tour with Brian Johnson may look like, and if Angus keeps his word, they will not be turning the volume down.

The interviewer asked, “AC/DC are still one of the loudest bands I’ve ever seen. Is there a reason for that?”

Angus grinned and responded, “To keep you awake. Yes, but even a volume fiend like Ted Nugent doesn’t play at the volume he once did.”

Malcolm said, “We’re not going to fall into that trap of old age. We can’t get up there and play things like Highway To Hell, For Those About To Rock and The Jack quietly. You gotta stay young.”

AC/DC discussing a bandmate ‘affair’ with a girlfriend was recently detailed. Since The Black Crowes’ manager claimed AC/DC will indeed tour in 2020 a few weeks ago on The Howard Stern Show, news has been quiet, leading to some boring posts on

BrennaB posted, “I didn’t want to make a new post, but does Stevie’s son follow any of you guys on IG. I just noticed about a week ago he is following me. I changed my account to private a long time ago and since then I see everyone who requests, so he must have come through before I changed it. Just wondering if he follows everybody, However he only follows like 400 people.”

AC/DC fans also said they are hoping for a tour announcement by Christmas, but many expect we’ll have to wait until 2020. Angus Young discussed an AC/DC singer’s ‘anger’ after replacement recently.