Motley Crue Icon Calls Out Mick Mars Screwup


Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil took part in the Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp recently, and was subsequently interviewed by journalist Miles Schuman. Here, Neil took various questions from various fans in a Q&A session, with one of those questions being about any infamous “Holy Shit” moments that Neil could recall as a member of Motley Crue, to which the Motley Crue frontman shared a story about he and Mick Mars screwing up onstage. Neil recently revealed who rejected doing further Motley Crue reunion tours.

Neil: There’s always those “Oh shit” moments and if somebody tells you there isn’t they are lying to you. Man, we’ve been on stage, everybody makes mistakes. I’ve been on stage where Mick [Mars] has been playing the wrong song and I’m wondering why my voice isn’t working. I’ve done this song a million times but you get a brain fart and, forget the words and you’re like “holy shit”.

[Neil motions panning the mic to the crowd.]

Schuman: I’m very curious, The Dirt soundtrack, mostly features Machine Gun Kelly, how did that come to happen? You know, getting a rapper on a Motley Crue song?

Neil: You know, I don’t know because I had nothing to do with the writing of that song. I know that Tommy [Lee] and him were friends and so I think that’s where I think it came from. The movie was first from the soundtrack, obviously. So with him being who he is, so I think Tommy said: [inaudible]

Schuman then pressed Neil on the issue of potential retirement, to which Neil shut down the possibly of right away and subsequently gave a hint of detail into his tour plans for next year.

Schuman: Do you think you’ll call it quits at all in the next couple of years or do you think you’ll be doing this for life, touring?

Neil: Well, I mean I love being on tour, until people stop telling me to come play, I’ll still be out there. It’s like this year, we are doing one hundred and twenty something shows. Which is a lot of shows and I’d imagine next year will probably be the same.

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