Motley Crue Icon Reveals Who Rejected Reunion Tour


Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil took part of a Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp recently and was subsequently interviewed by journalist Miles Schuman. Here, Neil gives his thoughts about the hit Motley Crue documentary, The Dirt, praising the film as well as why Motley Crue have not continued doing reunion tours following the end of their 2004-2015 run, appearing to throw blame at his bandmates, as he said he believes they should still be touring. Alternative Nation transcribed their comments. Nikki Sixx recently revealed the truth about a gross The Rolling Stones photo.

Schuman: Was The Dirt difficult to watch? I mean, I heard Nikki [Sixx] or Tommy [Lee] say that he was balling by the end of it. I mean, you must of had a similar experience too, right?

Neil: Well what that movie did was, you know, it opens up a lot of old wounds. You know, there’s things in the movie that I hadn’t thought about in a long time and you get emotional.

Schuman: Are you happy with the way The Dirt turned out overall?

Neil: I think it turned out really good, I was really, really happy. Those guys, they had us down. Machine Gun Kelly had Tommy down.

Schuman: The guy that played you.

Neil: He had every single move down, back in the early days. They really watched every video, every interview and they prepared for months for that movie. I thought that they did a great job.

Schuman: Now I heard an interview with Nikki not too long ago where he said sometime he worries [that] the band might have called it a day too early. Do you ever feel that way?

Neil: As of recently? Yeah, we can tour right now. There was no reason to stop except for certain people in the band wanting to stop.

Neil later discussed some of Motley Crue’s biggest performance’s during the Fan Question and Answer portion of the Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp. Marilyn Manson recently revealed the bold truth about Motley Crue’s The Dirt film.

“I think for me, it’s still is when we were in our early twenties, Shout At The Devil wasn’t even out yet and we went out, it was the US Festival, I looked out and there was three-hundred fifty thousand people. You know, just the awesomeness of that, that moment of looking out into a sea of people and you couldn’t see it end – doing music that no one’s ever heard before. That was a pretty cool moment.”