Motley Crue Icon Calls Out ‘Monster’ After Tragic News


Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx recently revealed why drug addiction is a ‘mysterious monster’ in a new message to a fan whose loved one is suffering with drugs. Vince Neil revealed a couple of weeks ago what Gene Simmons did to Motley Crue.

A fan named Ruby tweeted to Sixx, “My fiancé has struggled with addiction for a very large portion of his life. He is currently in a community based corrections facility due to his most recent relapse. I saw an article on Facebook about you 18th year of sobriety. You are an inspiration to him and give him hope.” Below are other recent Nikki Sixx Twitter Q&A highlights. Vince Neil recently revealed a terrible Motley Crue paycheck.

Sixx responded, “I am sorry to hear about your friend. Addiction is a mysterious monster convincing it’s victim they are in control. I got my life back when I admitted I was powerless and was ready to except life on life‘s terms.I hope the same gift can be bestowed upon your friend. Sobriety rocks.”

How does one string songs together to make an album? Any tips for an aspiring musician?

“When I write for an album I look for either a theme or something to string them together. Could be styles, lyrical or Sonics”

Biggest musical regret?

“That I didn’t learn other styles of music in bass earlier.”

Can you give us any new info about your new book? I’m so excited!

“Been working on a few. Then picked one to finish but might expand on the idea making it 3 times the work. It’s nice to just work at a steady pace but nobody is pushing to hard. I would say 80% next year.”