Motley Crue Icon Reveals ‘Guaranteed Death Sentence’


Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx discussed alcoholism being a ‘guaranteed’ death sentence in a new tweet.

I can’t imagine my life if I was still a practicing alcoholic..Its a guaranteed death sentence or a life of spiritual, financial and emotional bankruptcy…Rock n Roll doesn’t need to be shrouded in addiction. We know better now…

A fan recently asked Sixx, “I saw recently where you said your photography style would be changing. What brought about the feeling of wanting to change? Also: are the pics you posted tonight in the new style? They look quite different from the stuff I’ve seen before.”

He responded, “I have chased death in body and photography. I am now chasing life and adventure. I have 2 projects I am prepping. Both different.”

Sixx tweeted a health update, “Got the cage-harness off my arm today. Dr said 2 weeks in this new sling. I’ve been proactive doing cryotherapy, acupuncture, herbs, magnet therapy, tens stimulation, laser therapy and ice…Being proactive with your health is really the key to having a longevity.#RocknRoll”

Sixx had announced earlier this month, “I officially have 5 cadaver parts in the body now. Finally got the right shoulder repaired.All the rotators were completely torn off the bone. I seem to think it’s a good idea to break things on stage and there for I am always broken. Left knee fixed.

Left rotator cuff and bicep fixed.

Hip fixed.

Double hernia fixed.

And as I said before, right shoulder fixed.

Excited to heal up. Health is everything. Ready to get onstage and break stuff…#RocknRoll 🏴‍☠️”