Greta Van Fleet Bizarre Haircuts Revealed In Photo


A Greta Van Fleet fansite has posted a rare unseen photo of band members when they were a bit younger with surprising haircuts! The band have been riding high since the release of Anthem of the Peaceful Army. Jake Kiszka discussed the lead single “When The Curtain Falls” in an Australian Musician interview.

Hey Jake – thanks for taking the time to speak to me. You have just released “When the Curtain Falls”, the first single from your upcoming debut album. Tell me a bit about how this song came about.

“Initially it started with the riff itself – that had kinda been around for a while – and then it was a pretty quick process to put it together when I brought the arrangement to the guys. It was pretty instantaneous – as soon as I played through it, everybody knew what they wanted to do, and we tracked it in about 15 minutes or so.”

You worked with producers Marlon Young and Al Sutton again on this track – what do they bring to the table as producers that you can’t do yourselves?

“I think it’s more of an informative thing in terms of learning to be studio musicians. Very early on, we were putting out records when Sam and Daniel were 16-17 and Josh and I were 19-20, we knew nothing about the studio right off the bat. So they taught us how to be a bit more studio-savvy.

A lot of what they bring to the table is their ability to help us translate what we’re going for. They possess a lot of knowledge and wisdom in that world, and I’d hope to think we’ve learned a lot from them.”