Pearl Jam & Tom Morello Release Painful Open Letter


Pearl Jam and Tom Morello are here to raise their voices very loudly for what they believe in. This, of course, is nothing new at all as all members of Pearl Jam and Rage Against The Machine have always raised up their voices to tell the world what the personally believe in. For most of both bands careers, this has been their bread and butter for their fans and for the songs that the bands have made that made them huge in the first place.

As of late, Pearl Jam and Tom Morello along with many other artists have gotten back into their ethos of changing the world or trying to push others into wanting to stand with them for change as well. In an open letter from Mike McCready, he goes into deep detail with the issues currently going on not just in America, but overseas as well.

McCready didn’t hold back at all along with other artists that had signed off on the thoughts that Mike gave to Variety about the political temperature that has been raising higher and higher as each day seems to pass.

Mike had the following to say: “In seeing the situation in Afghanistan unfold over the last few months, we feel there is a moral urgency to do what we can. For us, it is really trying to bring more attention to what is happening and that there are actions governments can take to prevent millions from starving. Our country has played an outsized role in Afghanistan for decades and we can’t look away now just because the military officially withdrew.”

The letter closed: “We cannot let the Afghan people become casualties of the world’s inaction,” it continues. “As winter sets in, tens of millions of lives hang in the balance. Global leaders must do the right thing — before it’s too late.”

Mike and Pearl Jam want to make a huge change and Tom Morello is backing the stand as well. Many others have joined in the fight to bring awareness as well and we will have to see how all of this plays out. Thank you, Variety, for the insight.