Motley Crue Icon Stunning Surgery Photos Revealed


Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx has released photos of himself after undergoing surgery at a hospital. Sixx is fortunately in much better health now after his operations.

“I officially have 5 cadaver parts in the body now. Finally got the right shoulder repaired. All the rotators were completely torn off the bone. I seem to think it’s a good idea to break things on stage and there for I am always broken. Left knee fixed.

Left rotator cuff and bicep fixed.

Hip fixed.

Double hernia fixed.

And as I said before, right shoulder fixed.

Excited to heal up. Health is everything.Ready to get onstage and break stuff…#RocknRoll 🏴‍☠️.”

Sixx also recently posted, “My wife @how2girl took this years ago of me at my creative workspace ( Funny Farm ). Just took over a NEW building and it’s almost up and running.⭕️ Here a couple shot’s I JUST took of my daughter @fr6nkiesixx using my @leica_camera SL and the @profotousa B10’s and B1x’s.She been letting me photograph her forever.She does really sIck make up too. Gonna use her for make up on some of the upcoming shoots. ❌ Just getting to know the new lighting.Thinking of taking a class on lighting techniques. #BeginnersMindSet @nikkisixxphotography.”