Red Hot Chili Peppers Make Tragic John Frusciante Claim


Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist Josh Klinghoffer revealed in a Teraz Rock magazine (translated by @RHCP_Poland on Instagram) interview how tragedies have inspired him to perform covers at RHCP shows, after not wanting to do it because it’s what John Frusciante would do. Flea made fans speculate about a John Frusciante reunion a few days ago.

“The band often puts cover on the setlist. This time the reason was obviously the loss of Ric Ocasek (the leader of The Cars). I was shocked that Rick didn’t sing in the original version! I was shocked even more that I have never seen the music video for it or a live performance. It is an amazing song, it’s great to play. I was getting used to performing covers gradually. On the first tour I didn’t do it too often.

I felt that it was John’s domain and I wanted to leave it that way. In the course of time I realized that it’s a nice way to honor a city or someone’s birthday. Or sometimes, unfortunately someone’s death – but there’s always a reason to celebrate. For me it’s also a way to practice. I’m by nature a shy person who doesn’t want to be in the spotlight. In this way I’m trying to realize that those desires are somewhere inside me.”

John Frusciante calling out Josh Klinghoffer was revealed earlier this week. Josh said it was his idea to cover “Warsaw” by David Bowie in Poland.

“Yes, that evening it was my idea. Without a doubt it is one of my favorite songs. If I could go inside it, I would live there. This is an example of something that was born from hopelessness and darkness but in the different context it was able to radiate with light long after its creation.”