Motley Crue Legend Reveals Band’s Grunge Album


When we think about grunge music, we think about the fact that grunge killed off hair metal. In an odd universe, one would expect Motley Crue to have made a grunge album just because the sound got so huge and so fast. Shockingly enough, we may not need to go to another universe to hear what this album would sound like as there is a rumor going around that the album does exist in our time.

As some are not aware of, Motley Crue had a vocalist in John Corabi, outside of Vince Neil. John joined the band and instantly changed the direction of things due to him, well, being a different vocalist of course.

Fans would call the album that John did with the band as their ‘grunge album,’ John would never shy away from this title either, but he also did not mean for it to come out the way that it did.

He said: “Well, the sound of Motley Crue is very different, for sure. But none of us really thought that way; it was just what we came up with naturally. We were literally sitting in the room and jamming, and that’s how it came out. I do think that the extra guitar and my sensibilities altered things.”

There was a new dynamic in the band, and for most of the band, it was fun – but the fans did not really rock with the new Crue.

He continued: “But how could they not? The record was kind of interesting because we had a blast doing it. Bob Rock came in to produce, and we recorded up in Vancouver, and it was nothing but a good time. We loved the songs as we were writing and recording them, and we loved them after the album was released, too. The only thing that was maybe a bit tedious during the recording was the fact that not everybody in the band was what you would call sober.”

H/T Ultimate Guitar